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Dog Walker Annat Argyll and Bute: Though all of us love our pet dogs and think of them as one of the family, we quite often don't have the time to give them the attention they deserve, particularly with regards to taking them for walks. In our demanding working schedule, kids to care for and social life to maintain it is not easy to slot in dog walking, as frequently as they need and you would like.

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Now I'm guessing you all recognise that your dog needs exercising and it's important that you take your dog for walks consistently, both for fitness benefits and for your dog's general health and wellbeing. it usually is best for you to do this yourself because you may obtain quite similar health benefits as the dog, getting essential exercise and fresh air.

Dog Walker Annat Argyll and Bute

Also there is the benefit of bond strengthening, engaging in joint activities can help you in building a lasting bond with your dog. In the world today however, many people simply just don't have the time for walking the dog, definitely not on a daily basis, and it is one particular chore that may be frequently put off until the next day.

This is where a local dog walker in Annat could be of use to you, delivering a consistent dog walking service on a day to day basis, eliminating the pressure of one of your daily duties and allowing you more time to do important stuff. A dog walker will be able to call at your home in Annat, collect your furry friend and go walking for an hour or more. It could be daily, 3 or 4 times per week, or possibly just on those specific days when your are otherwise engaged or have other important responsibilities.

Certain Annat dog walkers walk your dog solo, other dog walkers might take two or more dogs in a group, so it might be better to discuss your specific needs with any potential dog walker should you have any qualms. If you have a dog that is gregarious and mixes well with other dogs, group walking could be more beneficial, but if your dog does not like to mix with other dogs, a one on one walk may be best.

Several more experienced Annat dog walkers may also offer additional services for pets and not simply for dogs, for instance they might pick up your dog or pet and taxi it to the vet, offer dog boarding whenever you are on holiday, provide your dog or puppy with some basic training if there are problems with behaviour or visit your home every day to feed or check on your dog or other pets. Others might even be able to provide a dog grooming service as well. These sorts of services can be extremely useful and provide a comprehensive pet care service that gives you peace of mind with regards to the happiness, wellbeing and health of all your animals and pets, while letting you socialize, work and look after your family.

Using the services of a local Annat dog walker shouldn't totally take the place of your own interaction with your furry friend though, you should still try to take your dog out walking as frequently as is possible, to always keep that bond and relationship. You really should be an important part of their exercise and training program to guarantee that your beloved pet continues to be content, adored and healthy.

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The Benefits of Walking A Dog: There are a large number of amazing benefits that a dog can gain from regular walking and exercise these benefits include: weight control, decreased issues with loneliness, improved cardiovascular fitness, better mental health, bond strengthening, lowering of blood pressure and stronger bones and muscles.

What is the Cost of a Dog Walker?: Much like any services, dog walking prices will differ considerably, depending on the town you live in, the amount of time spent walking, the exact service needed and whether it is a one to one or group walk (group walks tend to be cheaper), but as a rough guide you should expect to fork out between £8 and £14 for a sixty minute walk with kisses and hugs free of charge.

Things to Bear in Mind: Obviously as there aren't any certifications or qualifications for dog walking, nearly any individual can put themselves forward as a dog walker and begin running that service, therefore you should be thorough concerning just who you select to walk your dog in Annat. Security concerns could be involved as you could be giving them access to your house so as to pick up the dog or feed your pets. You could have much more confidence in any dog walkers who have passed a DBS police check (formerly CRB check). You might additionally wish to verify that your prospective Annat dog walker is insured, just in case there any situations involving your dog, having some type of PLI (public liability insurance) would be acceptable. It would also be sensible if any prospective dog walker is introduced to your dog to start with so as to be sure that that they will get on ok.

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